Garnishment Procedures

Efficiency in Garnishment Procedures

Is efficiency in garnishment an oxymoron? It usually is, unless you are a collection agency. We have heard frustrations from clients who were served with garnishment papers for judgments against their employees. In cases like these, sometimes the employer calls an attorney to take care of it or enlists a CPA to help. Either approach is usually inefficient. In fact, a bookkeeper should be able to respond to garnishment papers. We recognize that sometimes the business owner is the primary bookkeeper and may have limited experience with garnishment. We think we found the best published explanation of the garnishment process: a handbook published by the Clark County Law Library. The handbook is written primarily for the party initiating the garnishment procedures, but it is helpful for understanding the entire procedure if you are an employer on the receiving end of garnishment papers.

The handbook is copyrighted, so we cannot simply make it available to you on our website. If you are, or expect to be, involved in garnishment proceedings and would like a better understanding of the process, you can send us a check for $40 and we will mail you a copy of the handbook. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult for individuals to get the handbook directly because the law library accepts cash only and is not easy to deal with.

If you are an employer responding to garnishment, you should be able to handle it in your office, especially with the guidance of the handbook. On the other hand, if you have a claim for money owed to you or your business and you are trying to recover those debts, you may contact us for help with the debt collection. We can give you advice on how to proceed, or we can represent you and take direct action against the debtor.